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Reimagining our Relationship with Alcohol

Over the last decade, a cultural shift has started to happen. 

Beyond taking care of our physical body, mental and emotional wellbeing have become a  priority. People have recognized that looking after our mental health is absolutely vital and the  term “self care” is now infused in everyday language. With podcasts, personal metric devices  and influencers galore, the journey of self improvement and discovery has gone mainstream. 

We have become increasingly motivated to improve our overall health. Incentives range from  reducing anxiety and sleeping better, losing weight and/or getting in shape, lowering  inflammation/cancer risk and slowing the aging process to maybe just finding more ease in our  daily lives. Many of us are eating cleaner. We exercise. We yoga. We juice. And in 2021, we  (USA) spent nearly $50 billion on dietary supplements.1 

But, what if, perhaps the biggest - most overlooked - biohack of all, is an alcohol low or free  life? 

And addiction aside, why after all of our efforts towards health, would we want to pour copious  amounts of ethanol down our throats?

  • We recognize that answer is complicated… 

With mounting evidence on the detrimental effects of alcohol, people are waking up to a  different narrative. No longer wanting to waste precious time or weekends on hangovers, a new  conversation is happening around the cost benefit analysis of our drinking habits. Non  alcoholic beverage sells are up and there is a decline in drinking among our younger  generation. The dynamic is shifting.  

The Sober Curious Community is Growing

  • The sober curious community is a group of people who are optimizing their life by reducing their alcohol intake.

We are questioning societal norms and opting to put our  health first. In the past, for many of us, drinking felt like an “all or nothing” proposition.  However, for those who aren’t entirely sober but are more likely to go “dry” on any night, the  alcohol low movement is also taking root.

People may choose to enjoy a glass of wine or drink  of choice, and then switch to something alcohol free and tasty to stay festive, but not suffer the  next day. Or, simply opting for alcohol free because there are now so many amazing, health  giving, choices. 

With Choices, Comes Freedom

  • As Ruby Warrington, author of the book, “Sober Curious”, accurately describes in her subtitle  byline: “The Blissful Sleep, Great Focus, Limitless Presence and Deep Connection Awaiting Us  All on the Other Side of Alcohol”. 

Be sure to check out all the delicious, inspiring options Coastal Clear currently has in stock. These thoughtfully crafted beverages are a hip, of the moment AF option to personally enjoy or  offer at any gathering or festivity.  

Samuelson, Kristin. (2022) Vitamins, Supplements are a Waste of Money for Most Americans. 1 Available at: waste-of-money-for-most-americans/#:~:text=Drawn to the allure of,on vitamins and dietary  supplements  

(Accessed Feb 07, 2024)

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