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Rock Grace Rglow Sparkling

Rock Grace Rglow Sparkling

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RGLOW Sparkling is a bottled crystal elixir infused with a variety of rare crystals, beauty enhancing botanicals, and potent, high quality adaptogens that are absorbed by the body quickly promoting an instant glow and sense of well-being. The energy of the crystals and fine botanical and superherb ingredients enhance the elixir calming anxiety and stress while promoting beauty and wellness.

RGLOW Sparkling is pleasing to the palate, pure and elegant in style with refreshing bubbles, resembling rosé champagne. Blush pink in color and well-balanced, it is a carbonated, vibrant non-alcoholic crystal elixir with a youthful and delicate nose, hints of fresh raspberry, floral aspects and herbal complexity.


Non-Alcoholic | No Allergens | No Artificial Colors or Flavors | Non-GMO | Made with Organic Ingredients Calorie, Gluten, Sugar, Sweetener, Sulfite, Preservative, Guilt Free


Best enjoyed with Full moons, beach fires, yoga, spiriutal awakenings.

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