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Wine Sampler-4 bottles

Wine Sampler-4 bottles

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Introducing our 4 bottle wine sampler, the perfect way to discover new and exciting non-alcoholic wines! Our sampler includes the Zera Sparkling Chardonnay, a bubbly and refreshing option for any occasion. You'll also find the Zera Cabernet Sauvignon, offering the rich and robust flavors of a classic red wine. For those looking for something light and effervescent, the Noughty Sparkling Rosé is a delightful choice, while the Noughty Blanc provides a crisp and elegant white wine experience. Whether you're a wine connoisseur or just starting your NA wine journey, our sampler is the ideal way to explore new and delicious options. Cheers to finding your perfect NA wine with our Wine Sampler-4 bottles!

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