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The Rise of Alcohol-free Wines: Exploring the Trend

For most of human history, wine and alcohol were treated as the same thing. There was no possibility of drinking wine without involving alcohol—up until relatively recently, anyway.

Now, one of the latest trends in partying involves exploring sober curiosity instead of relying on alcohol.

In what may be one of the most noticeable trends in nightlife, people are starting to turn away from heavy drinking. It's not just saying no to wine, either. It's saying I can drink wine moderately or not at all right now. We can also make a choice about all alcohol, including wine, vodka, and cocktails.

With all the people questioning how much alcohol they drink, it's not surprising to hear that non-alcoholic wine has become the new way to celebrate. But what's this trend about? Who is into it, and why are non-alcoholic wines different from other booze-free offerings? We dove right into it for you.

Who is spearheading the sobriety and drinking moderation trend?

Believe it or not, soberness has become a big deal among Gen Z and younger generations. Gen Z is less likely to drink at parties than their Millennial counterparts when they were the same age. Drinking excessively is also climbing as a major dealbreaker on dating apps. 

Nightclubs are seeing a significant income dip from bar beverages at venues and concerts popular with Gen Z and younger Millennials, leading to non-alcoholic drinks being stocked up behind most trendy bars. 

How do you make the transition?

The most apparent thing about partaking in moderation and the sober curious movement is that you are drinking less.

  • Reach for non-alcoholic wines, beer, and spirits. Having a drink that looks like a beer, wine, or spirits also allows you to still "blend in" with your drinking buddies.

  • Many, if not most, bars now have non-alcoholic adult beverage options, and you can undoubtedly BYOB your choice. The moderation movement is gaining traction, so it makes business sense for bars and restaurants catering to non-drinkers.

  • Stock up on mocktails and mocktail recipes. Mocktails are the new cocktail. You should stock up if you need more mixers at a home cocktail bar. Mocktails make it easy for people to enjoy the feeling of a cocktail being able to participate in ordering a cocktail.

Why are people choosing to stick to non-alcoholic beverages?

  • Each individual has their own reasons, but the decrease in alcohol consumption is being viewed as a positive trend in light of societal and personal issues resulting from excessive drinking. 

  • Some individuals may not enjoy their behavior while drunk or have concerns about the health effects of alcohol consumption. 

  • For many individuals, it's the freedom to choose how you live your life.

Whatever your reasons for choosing alcohol-free beverages, Coastal Clear is here to provide the best choices in alcohol-free wines, beer, and spirits.

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